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Welcome to the Life Value

It’s a better Life” There are universal, or primary values that exist, warrior ethics that must be maintained, and a system in place that can help you find what is right and wrong, moral or immoral. They exist outside of religion, politics, culture and other limiting factors. We are all equal because we all have the Dual-Life value.

The best way to understand the Life Value System – that is how to apply it to everyday life – is to start at the beginning. After that, you can wander through the archives.

“We hold these truths to be self-evident; that all men are created equal.” But do we really believe that in America or was that just a line to get cannon fodder masses to throw off the British? The Natural Law, which is most easily summed up in the Dual-Life value explains it in a positive light.

The Life Values System is a system designed to help you apply the Dual-Life value in everyday life. Sometimes it is called the Balanced-Life value, as well. It is ethical living at its best. Please start at the beginning and read all that you can. Feedback is welcome and encouraged.

To Incorporate:

“In order to be an Ethical Warrior, one must, first and foremost, have a guiding principle or value that is of such a nature that it can be used in practically any given situation… it must be a universal value.  This website is dedicated to helping people achieve their full potential as Ethical Warriors by showing them that such a universal value exists… that value is life.”

Have a section for each part of CAS.  Keep the Clarify section as what you have been doing. The Activate/Sustain portion could be updated with new stories that help to maintain the DLV in its application to current events.

You could also split it a little as far as prospective… Meet people where they are, so to speak.  More on that later, if you care.

The Life Value and Christian Worldview

I mentioned awhile back that Jack Hoban has done an excellent job of explaining the Life Value from the perspective of the Marine Corps in his article..

Developing the Ethical Marine Warrior

Jack Hoban has done an excellent job of explaining the Life Value from the perspective of the Marine Corps in his article,



Letter to a Fallen Marine’s Children

I received the following and think that much of it embodies TLV.  I may comment more later, but for now I think it speaks for itself. – KJ

Why these values – Honor, Courage & Commitment

Why these values are correct, right and good?  You see, there is more to it than simple definition, because almost any value, if misapplied, can become wrong…